Environment Sensor

The D1017 L/N/GSM Outdoor/Indoor Environment Sensor is an advanced solution for measuring environmental gaseous pollutants, ensuring superior air quality monitoring. Ideal for both outdoor and indoor environments, this sensor provides accurate, real-time data on various pollutants, making it indispensable for environmental safety and health monitoring.

Equipped with a robust design, long battery life, and diverse communication options, the D1017 sensor series offers versatility and reliability in various settings. Whether for urban air quality monitoring, industrial emission tracking, or indoor air quality assessment, this sensor ensures comprehensive environmental analysis.

  • Capable of detecting PM2.5, CO2, CH20, TVOC, O3, CO, NO2, along with temperature and humidity.
  • D1017L: Utilizes LoRaWAN™ (868-870 MHz EU Standard) for efficient long-range communication.
  • D1017N: Supports NB-IoT (B1/B3/B5/B8/B20/B28 bands) for enhanced connectivity.
  • D1017 GSM 3G 4G: Compatible with GSM 3G 4G networks, offering versatile connection options.

    All models offer hourly data transmission to a central system. All models are  CE compliant and quality assured.