Evacuation Solution

This Evacuation Solution is an integrated solution to align municipal operations with Civil Protection guidelines, enhancing safety, service quality, cleaner environment, and operational cost savings in school buildings.

Key aspects of the project include:

  1. Smart Security Applications in Schools: Installation of smart security applications in school buildings to monitor and record security processes, especially during emergencies (e.g., earthquakes, fires, severe weather), triggered by Civil Protection Service commands, special sensors in schools, or decisions by school principals.

  2. Continuous Security Process Recording: Ongoing documentation of security processes in school premises, both during operational hours and when vacant.

  3. Efficient Building Evacuation: Development of a customized evacuation model for each school building, ensuring effective and safe evacuation and regular updates on students remaining in school after classes.

  4. Addressing Day-to-Day Operational Issues: Includes monitoring open windows post-classes, detecting unauthorized individuals in classrooms, integrating with security and fire detection systems, noting lights left on, and managing heating systems based on student presence or absence.

  5. Central Installation and Technical Specifications: Describes the central installation in reliable cloud infrastructures for easy access from any school building, with adequate CPU, memory, disk capacity, and fast internet. It also outlines the technical specifications for the management portal, supporting responsive web design, mobile friendliness, open architecture, real-time information synthesis from schools, GDPR compliance, and various functionalities for efficient data management and user interface.

  6. Equipment and Operation: Details the division of equipment into sensors (providing information to the central management system) and control devices (receiving commands). The central control panel, supported by various sensors and sub-controllers, will be placed in a secure school location. It will operate through wired, Wi-Fi, and LoRaWAN connections.

The program aims to optimize school operation, enhance safety and emergency response, and save energy, aligning with broader strategies for smart cities.