Customer Counting System

Innovative Retail Analytics System

Maximize your retail space’s potential with our state-of-the-art Retail Analytics System. Designed to revolutionize store management and customer insight, this comprehensive solution offers a blend of technology and analytics that drives business growth.


  1. Centralized System Management: Seamlessly control and monitor all system functions through an intuitive central interface.

  2. Visual Customer Counting with Cameras: Utilize advanced camera technology to track and analyze customer movement and behavior in-store.

  3. Integrated Local Monitoring Network: Connect and coordinate various devices to form a unified surveillance network, enhancing store security and customer experience.

  4. Data Processing and Analysis Application: Leverage powerful software to process camera feeds and device data, providing actionable insights and trends.

  5. Customizable Reports: Tailor reports to your specific needs, making data-driven decisions easier and more effective.

  6. Customer Traffic Evaluation Tool: Understand and improve customer flow and behavior in a single store, a store area, or across a retail chain.

Competitive Advantage: With a remarkable accuracy rate of 98%, our system ensures reliable data for effective strategy formulation and implementation.