The proposed solution, named “EPICURUS,” offers an auxiliary monitoring system for intensive care patients, focusing on automated registration and remote monitoring of crucial health indicators: oxygen saturation (SPo2), heart rate (BPM), and urination frequency. This innovative system aims to reduce the need for frequent hospital staff visits by employing sensors that record vital signs without direct patient contact.

EPICURUS utilizes advanced pulse oximetry and photoplasmography technologies for accurate oxygen saturation (SPo2) and heart rate (BPM) monitoring. This includes portable sensors employing reflected light for precise readings and Bluetooth-enabled urination sensors for seamless data collection. The system’s architecture integrates Wi-Fi and Ethernet protocols, ensuring secure data transmission to the hospital’s central management system while adhering to industry standards like HL7 for interoperability. Overall, EPICURUS combines cutting-edge sensor tech with robust communication methods for remote patient monitoring and efficient healthcare management.