The system regards to any kind of vehicles, small or large vessels and ships.
It consists in a system that monitors the route and the geographical position of the vehicle/ship, using mobile phone network GSM and written messages SMS.

The system, as well as the historical represantation of its clients on digital GIS maps runs on ‘real time’.

The GPS technology, used by the clients, cooperates with 12 world coverage satelites, enabling the system to work both inland and abroad.

Client technical characteristics :

•  Operation under 220V ac/12v-24v dc
•  Internal UPS
•  Network GSM 900/1800 usage (dataline or GPRS line)
•  Water resistant IP65
•  Punctuality 2m for coordinates
•  GPS supplied with Active antenna
•  GPS protocol NMEA
•  Response time 15 sec

Server technical characteristics :

•  Windows 2000 Server or later
•  User friendly interface
•  Digital map GIS
•  Data Base Archive for coordinates