River Stream & River Height Sensor

The core of the River Stream & River Height Sensor system is its centralized control, ensuring seamless operation and integration of all components. This central management hub allows for efficient monitoring and quick decision-making.

  • Integrated System: A comprehensive solution for centralized system management.

  • Water Level Sensor: Precision sensor for accurate measurement of water levels.

  • Alarm System: Alerts triggered in case of rising water levels, ensuring timely response.

  • Solar Power: Photovoltaic panels provide energy self-sufficiency, making the system eco-friendly and reliable.

  • Data Transmission: Utilizes GSM/GPRS networks for efficient data communication.

  • Application: Ideal for remote water level measurement in reservoirs, lakes, or flowing waters.

  • Competitive Advantage: Energy autonomy, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution for water level monitoring.