Ultra Low Power Solar LoRaWAN® Gateway

Empowering Connectivity in Remote Frontiers

The SG50 is a cutting-edge LoRaWAN® Gateway designed for efficient and sustainable IoT deployments in remote areas. It combines solar power, a built-in rechargeable battery, and 4G communication to offer a fully independent and wire-free operation, even in challenging environments.

Key Features:

  • Solar-Powered: Equipped with a 30W standard solar panel (45W optional), ensuring optimal energy capture and battery recharging.
  • Built-In Battery: Features a 25Ah internal battery, providing up to 4 days of operation without sunlight.
  • Low Power Consumption: Average consumption of just 0.8w with smart power management features like Data Package Filter and Smart WiFi Control.
  • Harsh Environment Ready: IP67 ingress protection, with operational temperatures ranging from -30°C to +70°C.
  • 4G Connectivity: Enables wireless deployment in remote or cost-sensitive locations, reducing the need for Ethernet wiring.
  • Remote Management: Compatible with the upcoming Milesight management platform for easy configuration and updates.
  • High Compatibility: Works seamlessly with mainstream network servers like Chirpstack, Basics Station, The Things Network, AWS, and Senet.
  • Easy Installation: Offers both wall and pole mounting options for versatile deployment.