Parking Barrier ROGEROS

Virtualnet collaborates with ROGER, an Italian company, to offer advanced barriers tailored to meet the needs of their Parking Management System. These high-tech barriers, such as the ROGER Model BI/001 PC, are engineered for efficiency and reliability. Operating on 230V AC – 50Hz power with a 36V DC working power and a maximum current of 15A, these barriers ensure seamless operation. With a 3-meter span, a 100% duty cycle, and an IP54 grade of protection, they guarantee durability and consistent performance. These barriers are designed for a wide temperature range (20°C to 55°C) and offer adjustable aperture times ranging from 1 to 3 seconds per 90°. Impressively, they can handle a significant number of maneuver cycles—up to 12,000 cycles of opening and closing in a 24-hour period, showcasing their reliability and suitability for intense usage in parking facilities.