Parking Guidance System (InDoor)

Parking Guidance System can effectively solve the problems of traditional parking lots. It uses ultrasonic detectors to test the parking status of each parking space, guidance screen and parking lights to guide the customers driving to the vacant parking space. It can reduce traffic congestion while quickening the vehicle turnover, which will help to raise the parking usage and income.

• The peak hour parking space occupancy will be increased by 8%
• Parking space utilization will be increased by 3%
• Carbon dioxide emissions will be decreased by 56%
• The operation cost will be decreased by 1-3%

Ultra Sonic Detector


                                          This is our new Ultra Sonic Detector.

Technical Specifications:

                          Model PMG-20D     NEW PMG-20LD NEW
Input Voltage                 DC 9~24V or POE
Power Rating           0.5W                         2W
Working Temp                      -20 ~ 75C
Weight                       135g                        150g
Measure Range                     1.8-4.0 m
Measure Angle                         ~70°
Communication Way        Ethernet / WiFi